Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scary Story By Jack M.

Once upon a time me and one of my friends were lock in a crematory at night. It was late in the and in  middle of the cemetery.But the cemetery closes at 9 and the gard  went around seeing if anyone is left in the cemetery. So we also haft to find a way it and hide from the gard.

We were now right out side the front and we looked around for the gard to see if we open the gate.I went inside the little box thing the gard was in to press on pull something to open the gate. We would hop the brick wall bits it's slick and 8 feet high."Hey want do you want to do now wait till the morning  it tell the gard.?"I asked.

"We can't ask the gard because we'll get a fine for being in here this late at night."Bill said. I thought about that for a second and we agreed that well just hide till morning. "I think we should go to the back and all the way to the right."Bill exclaimed.

"I think we should keep on moving and try not to be cough."I mentioned. So we kept on moving slowly behind the gard so we don't haft to worry about him behind us. And then suddenly we herd a voice to the right of us.

"Hay Bob."said another gard"your times up  time for you to go home.

"Ok."Bob said happily.We scurried behind a bush and looked at each other and thought the same thing we almost got caught. We harried off and thought of a new plan.

I wonder what our mothers think we are?Bill said tired.

It was 4 already and all we've been doing is following guards the hole time. We decide to go to sleep till the sun came up.We thank fully didn't get caught that night. The real scary thing about the story is what our moms did.

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